Through its close liaison with local general practitioners, John Fawkner Private Hospital contributes to the provision of a high standard of care across an extensive range of cardiac services for the people of Melbourne’s northwest. 

Patients with acute chest pain, or suspected heart attack, can be admitted directly to John Fawkner Private Hospital for assessment and immediate treatment. A Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) unit is stationed on site at John Fawkner Private Hospital, and access is also available via the standard ambulance service.

A Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is available for patients who have angina, coronary heart disease or who have undergone heart surgery. The Rhythm of Life program commences during hospitalisation and continues after patients have been discharged and helps to prevent the recurrence of ill health. Education topics covered include diet, exercise, stress management, understanding of coronary heart disease, basic life support skills and learning how to identify early warning signs.